20 Creative ways to sneak in exercise with your kids

20 Ways to Sneak in Exercise With Your Kids

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As a busy mom, I know how difficult it is to fit exercise into your day. Making it to the gym or carving workout time at home is nearly impossible. There’s too much to do and not enough time to get it all done. By the time you get some time to yourself, you’re too exhausted to exercise, let alone think about it. Sometimes the only way to fit exercise into your day is to get the kids involved. Get creative and sneak in exercise with your kids.  Not only will exercise clear your head and give you an extra burst of energy, it will keep your kids happy and healthy!

Creative Ways to Sneak in Exercise With Your Kids:

  • Race the kids around the park. Time the races to see who can get back the fastest.  Try to beat your time.
  • Do pull ups on the monkey bars, pushups and jumping jacks while the kids play on the swings, and do walking lunges while the kids are on the merry go round.
  • While you push your child on the swing, squat.  Push your kiddo, as he/she is up in the air, squat. Repeat until your child is ready to get off the swing
  •  Throw a ball to your child.  Have him/her squat as she/he catches the ball. You do the same.
  • Do strength training exercises. Use your baby as the weight.
  • Turn the music on and dance with the kids
  • Enlist the kids to help create an obstacle course and spend the morning or afternoon going through the course.
  • Create a kid friendly boot campExercise by taking kids for a walk
  • Take the kids and dog for a walk
  • Go for a long bike ride with the kids
  • Purchase or borrow a jogging stroller and go for a nice, long jog
  • Take the kids to the local skating rink
  • Take the kids to the local ice skating rink
  • Take the kids sledding
  • Spend the afternoon at the pool. Do water exercises while watching the kids play and have the kids try a few.
  • Hula hoop and jump rope, anybody?
  • Play a game of soccer with the kids
  • Play a game of basketball
  • Play a game of volleyball
  • Jump on a trampoline

What are you waiting for? Grab the kids and go have some fun!




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