Exercises and Exercise Programs You Should Avoid During Pregnancy

Exercising During Pregnancy

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Exercising during pregnancy

You’re pregnant and you would like to exercise but you keep hearing conflicting information. Everybody has their own opinion about exercising during pregnancy.  Some people say it’s ok to workout while others tell you it’s dangerous for the baby. Who is right?

You can remain active as long as you get your doctors approval and aren’t suffering from any medical conditions. In the past, pregnant women were told not to exercise because it could harm the baby. Times have changed. We are now being told that not only is 20-30 minutes of moderate exercise good for the mom to be but it’s good for the baby too. Studies show that exercising during pregnancy boosts the baby’s heart and brain health. Babies are also more alert and are born at a healthier birth weight than babies born to moms to be who did not exercise during pregnancy.


Exercise Guidelines During Pregnancy:

  • Get your doctors approval before beginning any exercise program
  • Start slowly. Do not overexert yourself
  • Do not allow your body to overheat. If you start getting too hot, stop exercising and allow your body to cool down.
  • Take breaks during your workout.
  • Drink plenty of water
  • If you feel pain, dizziness, or something doesn’t feel right, stop exercising.
  • Stick with low impact exercises.
  • Wear comfortable shoes.
  • Do not workout on unstable ground. As your belly grows, you lose your balance easily.
  • Do not lie on your back during your second and third trimester. Lying on your back decrease blood flow to your uterus.


Exercises and Exercise Programs You Should Avoid During Pregnancy

  • Do not do high impact exercises. No burpees, no tuck jumps, no jumping at all.
  • Stay away from programs like Crossfit, Grit, Insanity and any others that are similar.
  • As you progress into your pregnancy, your body will start to prepare for the baby so your joints will start to loosen up. This leads to a greater risk of injury. Stay away from programs like Zumba, Body Combat, and any others that are similar. The twisting and turning is bad for your joints.  You could end up hurting yourself and in the process you could fall down and hurt the baby.
  • When you’re pregnant, you lose your balance easily so stay off the treadmill. It’s better to be safe than sorry.
  • Stay off the trampoline.
  • Avoid contact sports.
  • Weight training is fine but don’t lift too heavy, don’t lift weights over your head, and don’t do weight training exercises that could strain your back muscles.

Exercising while pregnant should not be done to lose weight. Exercise to stay healthy and to prepare your body for labor and giving birth. If you stay active during your pregnancy, it will be easier to lose the weight after you have the baby.

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