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Week 1 Update of Water Challenge

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Drink More WaterWeek 1 of the water challenge is over and I can honestly say it was very hard drinking all that water. I won’t lie. I admit there were a couple of days when I could not finish it all and left 2 cups of water in my gallon jug. Even so, I definitely felt the effects of this challenge.

Before I started this challenge, I knew I hadn’t been consuming enough water. I had several of the signs of mild dehydration: dry skin, headaches, sugary cravings, fatigue, constipation, and a dry mouth. As a fitness instructor, I know how important it is to stay hydrated but even fitness instructors are guilty of not drinking enough water. I have to constantly remind myself to drink water but there are times when I tell myself I’ll get a drink later then never do. Well, I have been paying for it!

Here are the changes I noticed this week:

  • After just 2 days of staying properly hydrated, my skin feels softer. The dryness/flakiness is going away. It’s still slightly dry but not as dry as it was last week.
  • I am much more energized and only took ONE nap this week. I normally take a nap every single day!
  • My sugar cravings have diminished by 95%. I used to have a little treat after every meal and with my snack but lately I have actually been turning down sweets this week.
  • I am full ALL THE TIME. I eat at specific times (every 3-4hours, depending on when the hunger pangs begin) to keep my blood sugar balanced. Feeling full all day makes it hard to stick to that schedule. I know it’s just the water that’s making me feel so full. I need to feed my body so after day 3 of the water challenge,  I started drinking less water an hour before meal time so that way I’m not full of water.
  • I have been regular. The constipation disappeared at the end of the first day of the water challenge.
  • I get headaches almost every single day. I did not get a single headache this week!
  • This is a negative but I broke out a little. I did my research before I started this challenge and breaking seems to be a normal occurrence. My body is getting rid of toxins and that’s what causes the breakout. It only lasted for a day and started clearing up by the next day.


Don’t Overdo it

A gallon of water a day is a lot of water so please remember not to force yourself to finish it.  Drink what you can and start fresh the next day or calculate how much water you should be consuming by using the formula and drink that amount. If that is too much, adjust accordingly.


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