Don't photoshop yourself. Show the world your natural beauty!

Breaking Free From the Illusion of Beauty

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Earlier today, I came across a post with a photo of a female celebrity. She was on the cover of a popular magazine but it looked nothing like her. Her face was slimmer and without a flaw in sight. Her body was leaner than what I have seen on live TV. Everything about her had been photoshopped.

I look at photos like this and it infuriates me. These are the photos our children look at and compare themselves to. These are the photos we compare ourselves to. Sadly, even though we KNOW these photos are photoshopped, we still continue to compare ourselves to these images of perfection. We look at our own faces and bodies in the mirror and are overcome with disgust. We starve ourselves thin, work out like crazy, take diet pills, drink weight loss shakes, try wraps, special wrinkle vanishing creme, and when that fails we go under the knife. For what??? An illusion?

Embrace Your Flaws

Our flaws are what makes us who we are. THAT is what makes usDon't photoshop yourself. Embrace your flaws. That's true beauty. perfect.  THAT is what makes us unique, an original. You have what nobody else has. Why would you want to look like everybody else? Why would you want to change the gifts your parents gave you?

Sometimes when I’m feeling down, this happens after being bombarded with photos of flawless people, I like to Google before and after photos of celebrities. It reminds me that nobody is perfect. As you know, it’s easy to forget when living in a world full of illusions.  We all age. We all get acne. We all have cellulite. Some worse than others but we get it. Some people have big noses. Some people have small noses. Big butts. Little butts. Big boobs. Little boobs. Grey hair. Red hair. In the end we are who we are and we should own it. Let the world see who you really are and not what you want them to think you are. THAT, to me, is true beauty.

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