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Weeks 2,3, and 4 Water Challenge update

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I finished the water challenge…sort of.  It was REALLY hard to stick to. So hard that I have come to the realization that monthly challenges like this do not work. This makes me think of the whole “set short term goals” idea.

If you set your goals too high, they can be almost impossible to reach and when that happens it’s a let down. When we feel it’s unreachable, we give up. This is what happened with this challenge. It was too much for me and in the end, I wasn’t able to complete it.

Week 2 Water Challenge update

I had a great start to week 2. I was pumped up and feeling good. I did pretty good but it was definitely a challenge to finish all my water. It seemed like all I was doing was drinking water. I had no space for food! By the end of the week, I had lost 3 lbs and my headaches had completely disappeared. I wasn’t craving sweets or snacking. My skin was nice and plump too! A negative to drinking so much water was that I was having to go to the bathroom every 10 minutes.


Week 3 Water Challenge update

By the 3rd week, I was still drinking my water but I was struggling. My body couldn’t handle all that extra water so by the end of the day, I left about 2 cups of water in my jug. I didn’t beat myself over it. I am not going to force

myself to drink water if I don’t need it. By the day 6 of the 3rd week, I fell off the water drinking wagon.  I drank very little water which had a negative effect on my body. My headaches reappeared and my skin became very dry. This happened immediately! I didn’t feel well so I went back on the challenge.

Week 4 Water Challenge update

I didn’t do so well during the final week. I was still struggled with drinking all my water. There were a few days when I left about 1 cup of water in my jug and by the end of the week, I wasn’t doing it anymore. It seriously was too much water for me! Because I wasn’t drinking enough water, my headaches came back, my skin was flaky and I felt awful.

Water challenge goal

Although I decided not to continue drinking a gallon of water, I have been drinking more than I normally do. My goal is to drink 6 glasses of water a day which is plenty for me and it’s manageable. I don’t feel like I am drowning myself-that is how I felt when I was on the water challenge.

I feel great, my sugar cravings have almost completely disappeared,  my headaches are gone, and my skin looks so young and fresh.

Lesson Learned

Drink more water but don’t overdo it. You know what is right for you. Drinking a gallon of water is too much for most of us. I am drinking less than I drank during the water challenge, but more than I normally do and that’s fine because I feel great!


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