10 Minute Workout for the busy mom

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Squeezing in time for a good workout can sometimes be difficult especially if you work, have kids, or both! It’s difficult to get everything done in one day let alone workout for an hour which is why I put together a 10 minute total body workout.

This workout is designed for the busy mom who literally only has a few minutes to exercise. It is also designed for those us of who don’t have very much space. If working out in your bedroom beside is your bed is your only option or you’re traveling and have to workout in your hotel room, then this routine is for you! It’s short but very effective!

The Workout

We will be doing 5 exercises and will go through the sequence 3 times. There are no breaks, but if you need to push pause to take a breather or to grab a sip of water, go for it!

You do not need any equipment. Your body weight will do BUT if you want to add weights (like I did in the video), add them. A mat is optional but I recommend one if you’re working out on a hard floor. We will be doing ab exercises. If you’re working out on carpet, then you probably don’t need the mat.

Make sure to have water and towel to wipe the sweat away! I forgot to grab mine so I was dripping everywhere! This is not a cardio workout so there will be no high impact moves. It’s all about strength training today.

Before you start, warm up with a march or jog in place for 2 minutes.

The Routine: Do this routine 3 times with no breaks

20 Squats

10 Push ups

20 Reverse Lunges

10 C Crunches

16 Cross Crawls (also known as Bicycles)

I did not include a cool down but make sure to stretch those muscles after you’re done. A quick 2-3 minute stretch is all you need.


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