4 Easy Ways to Boost Your Metabolism

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In my last post, I mentioned how eating breakfast within one hour of waking up can boost your metabolism by 10%. Guess what? There are a ton of other ways to temporarily boost your metabolism and they are super easy to implement into your daily life.

Simple Ways to Boost Your Metabolism

1. Drink ICE COLD water throughout the day. Water is seriously the best! Not only does it keep us alive, but it helps with weight loss.   According to German Researchers, drinking up to 6 glasses of cold water per day may burn an extra 50 calories. It may not seem like much but it adds up. If you consistently drink 6 (or more) glasses of ice cold water everyday for a week, you could burn an extra 350 calories a week! The theory is that your body has to work a little harder to warm up the water for digestion.

2. Eat something spicy. Hot peppers contain a component called capsaicin that researchers believe raises metabolism. One tablespoon of crushed or chopped hot peppers is enough speed your metabolism by 8%.

3. Drink green tea. Green tea has been known to boost metabolism by about 16%. This could result in 60-100 extra calories burned per day. Caffeine is partly responsible due to it’s thermogenic properties which boosts metabolism and burns fat. Green tea also has antioxidants, known as catechins, which also has thermogenic properties.

4. Drink Coffee. Caffeine has such a bad rep but drinking it in moderation (1-2 cups a day) can have some benefits.  Drinking one cup of coffee can raise metabolism up to 15%.


What All This Really Means

Our bodies are so very different so the percentages and calories burned will not be the same for everybody. The numbers I shared are average numbers-just like when you get on a treadmill at the same time with a friend or someone else and they (or you) burn more calories even though time and speed were the same. Our bodies burn calories at different rates due to genetics, our size, how much muscle mass we have, etc. But even so, every little bit helps so give some of these metabolism boosting tips a try!

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